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Rampage 02-21 review 20/08/2021

  Rampage 02-21 review 20/08/2021 United Center. Chicago, Illinois. It’s Friday, you know what that means! Episode 2 of AEW Rampage, let’s get into it!  I’ll let you in on a little secret. I kinda knew this moment was coming. I’d heard the rumours circulating online, that Chick Magnet Punk, the great Cookie Monster, Charles Montgomery Punk was returning to wrestling and coming to All Elite Wrestling. That’s what brought me back to watching wrestling again, wanting to get some what caught up before he arrived. I, like many people my age and slightly older, are massive fans of CM Punk. He struck us at the right age, he was cool, he had the look, he was alternative, he told it like it was. He made us believe wrestling was real. I still remember Money in the Bank 2011, watching it in the early hours of the morning round a friends house. We couldn’t believe what we had seen captivated by this man and the stories he told. He’s been gone for seven years. And tonight he returns.  The CM Punk c

AEW Rampage 01-21 review 13/08/2021

  AEW Rampage 01-21 review 13/08/2021 Petersen Events Center. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It’s fitting really that I start my review writing career covering the very first episode of a brand new show. There’s something quite poetic in that. I hope to grow and develop as a writer and reviewer as this show grows and develops too! You can read my background and how I got into wrestling here, but for the purposes of this review the long and the short of it is: I’m fairly new to AEW. I’ve only really watched Dynamite on a consistent basis for the past month and a bit. So my reviews come in that context of not being the most knowledgeable person in the world, but hopefully I can use that to my advantage!. With that out the way, here we go!  My first impressions are that a four person commentary booth is probably too much. Even three can sometimes be jarring, but four definitely so! Personally I’d get Chris Jericho out of there and let the fantastic Excalibur and Taz lead with Mark Henry dropp