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The surprising sadness of not watching Dynamite

Until November 2023, I had watched every single televised AEW match and pay per view since the return of CM Punk.  But no longer. Overwhelmed by the volume of AEW TV to keep up with and underwhelmed by the quality of the shows, I have now decided to pick and choose what I watch.  Deciding to not watch every minute of a television show shouldn’t have such an emotional impact on a person, but it has on me. It feels like the end of an era.  I know I’m being overly dramatic, but I do feel a sense of mourning for a time now past.  Like growing apart from a childhood friend and finally realising you are now two very different people from when you first met.  And that’s okay, that’s fine, these things happen. You don’t hate them, there’s just a level of indifference there that wasn’t there before. And that’s sad. But it’s life.  You can still remember all the great times you had together, no one can take those away.  And when you meet up again, now just a few times a year, you’ll have a great