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Thinking about analysing wrestling

I’ve been thinking a lot about wrestling over the past couple of years.  I dropped out of the hobby for a while, keeping up only via the Flagship podcast from Voices of Wrestling . But when the rumours of CM Punk coming back began I thought it was the time for me to jump back in.  I wrote a weekly review of AEW Rampage for over a year. I still track and star rate every match I watch in a spreadsheet, you’d assume I was thinking about this more than most “normal” fans.  But what I have always struggled with, and find difficult to come to terms with, is how difficult I find analysing wrestling. Maybe this is not the sort of thing you should admit publicly, and least of all on your wrestling related blog, but I do! I found myself not really reviewing Rampage, but writing blow-by-blow play-by-play commentary of the matches. That’s not analysis.  It has its place in the wrestling media ecosystem for sure, but loads of people can do pla y-by-play reviews of TV shows in a better and, importa